Our Story


In hindsight, the genesis of something ‘meant to be’ is always laced with grit, a looming sense of uncertainty, innumerable questions, and yet, a prevailing sense of passion. The story of  Studio Ipsa coming into being is no exception to that sentiment.

Founded in the year 2016, the design studio was Founder Aniketh Bafna’s labour of love! While finding himself in the sphere of sales and marketing in the real estate sector for a significant fraction of his career, he fathomed that he had an undercurrent penchant for spaces and how best they can be envisioned. What started out as stimulated exchanges with his clients on-site soon emerged as an undeniable urge that nudged him in the direction of the uncharted territory of design.

With no formal training in the forte of design vocation, Aniketh quite unabashedly lived up to the metaphor of taking the leap of faith! What ensued consequently was countless hours spent over him developing and honing his skills in design software from scratch, spending entire days at site decoding details with the design teams, and building the business from ground zero (which is often the best place to start).

The year 2019 witnessed Studio Ipsa inhabiting its first-ever quaint 300 square foot studio, and lo and behold, Sonal Mutha serendipitously happened to be the first official Designer! The universe works in magical ways now, doesn’t it?

Both equally headstrong and clear-visioned individuals, Aniketh and Sonal kept each other on their toes with brainstorming, diametric views, and ultimately challenged each other to be better creatives! What remained steadfast was their shared vision of wanting to cultivate a practice that was honest, passionate, and fuelled by an aspiration to push the envelope with every space the studio delved into.

After almost half a year of collaborating on myriad projects, it felt as if the roles shouldered by both Aniketh and Sonal were in for an organic and fateful change. Sonal came on board as a Partner at  Studio Ipsa, making it a fitting homage to her impeccable expertise and focus. Her eye for detail, unwavering attention to the minutest of nuances, and sensitivity to every brief she encountered made her more than a delightfully deserving fit for her role as a Design Partner.

What lay at the crux of this partnership and every endeavour undertaken by the studio was the impetus to create spaces that embody a client’s quintessential image of what a home means to them. As a result,  Studio Ipsa, strives to learn with versatile briefs, requirements, and styles that conjure every distinct project to life, unshackling itself from a singular and limiting design vocabulary.

It truly is about the journey and not the destination for the team at Studio Ipsa! They are a community of creative thinkers, artists, and designers who reap infinite joy from what they do! Their driving inspiration stems from remaining ardently devoted to sculpting spaces of various genres that are emblematic of what the end-users hold closest to their hearts, redefining the benchmarks of possibilities every day.